The early 1960s: teen idols come to Malvern

Newspaper cutting from the Malvern Gazette about Adam Faith at Malvern Winter Gardens, 28 December 1961
Malvern Gazette

In the 1960s the Winter Gardens hall was often used for “teenage dances”.

Acts included Gene Vincent, Paul Raven (later known as Gary Glitter), Johnny Kid and the Pirates, The Ravons, Screaming Lord Sutch, Shane Fenton (later known as Alvin Stardust), The Applejacks and The Hollies.

“They had warm up acts, like the Dennis Wheeler Orchestra, who supported some of the big names. When they were on, some people did ballroom dancing. One of the rules was ‘No kissing on the dancefloor’.”
Chris Ash, audience member, 1960s

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  • I was there at the Adam Faith event and went backstage after and met him briefly with 2 of my friends. One of the great memories of my early teens.

    By Rhianon Turrell (19/07/2019)
  • I was there as well. Adam Faith was at the top of the hit parade in December, 1961.
    I spent 3 months helping out at the Winter Gardens before joining the RAF in Jan 1962. As it was a sit-down concert we set out 100s of chairs in the ballroom. Every place was taken and it was a great performance.
    Dave Edwards

    By Dave Edwards (07/12/2019)

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