Ticket for The Kursaal Flyers at Malvern Winter Gardens, 24 January 1976

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  • I remember this gig very well because at the time the Kursaals were being touted as the new big thing. If you watch the Rick Wakeman-narrated BBC4 documentary about life on the road in the 60s and 70s for British bands, they have a lot of footage of the Kursaals on this tour, even though they don’t bother interviewing Paul Shuttleworth. It was a miserable January night and not many people came. You could tell that because we arrived late and the space between the sound desk and the stage wasn’t filled up. The NME reported on the gig and said it didn’t have much of an impact, “but at least the locals got up and danced”. That was basically me and my friend Brian More – because there was so much space.

    By Frank Hopkinson (13/02/2020)

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