Memories of Ozzy Osbourne, 1980

Sharon, 2019

Sharon Paley, who now lives in Australia, remembers with pride seeing Ozzy Osbourne at Malvern Winter Gardens, October 1980

Seeing Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads was a highlight for me. Ozzy was pretty smashed on stage and as a young person it was one of the more scary events in my life! I was also very disappointed at the time; he came across like a right idiot (I have a better word but that’s not nice or clever). From memory he didn’t do an encore… that’s what I do recall. It’s amazing now that he is the huge media star he is, when you think that he had to claw his way back after leaving Black Sabbath. I was stoked when Blizzard of Ozz announced a date at Malvern. Even today being able to say I saw that tour makes me feel a bit of pride!

My memories of Malvern Winter Gardens are very good, positive and warm, just seeing so many bands; I really didn’t appreciate how lucky we were in Malvern. It was possibly more on reflection that they had an impact, but I got to see some huge bands before they were huge; it made my younger years feel very purposeful and formed an interest that has lasted a lifetime. I am so grateful!

Thank you to Sharon Paley for posting this memory

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  • Sharon’s recollection of Ozzy being “smashed” and underperforming strikes a chord with me also. He was due to appear ahead of Whitesnake on the Sunday at the 1980 Reading Festival but pulled out at the last minute leaving Slade to fill in, who had not gigged for years but brought the house down. I think it was one of Ozzy’s more ‘tired and emotional’ phases.

    By Adrian B (06/07/2019)
  • I was there too, with Jim Ward ( Bill’s brother) and got in free !!
    The sound in the Winter Gardens was awful, it was a huge echo chamber,but the band were awesome, Randy was incredible. Have still got the ticket, great memory. Saw so many great bands at The Winter Gardens, never any trouble !!

    By Stuart Field (24/09/2020)
  • Yes, I was there. Ozzy certainly was tired & emotional.
    There was a lad who used to go to most gigs, dressed as a schoolboy (as in AC/DC). He managed to get on stage & hug Ozzy, but was bundled off in short order.

    By Bruce Enzer (24/11/2020)

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