Uriah Heep, Trapeze, Isengard, 30 August 1971

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  • From Gavin King, musician with Isengard: “I borrowed my old man’s top hat for this gig, against his better judgement. I knew I’d be in great trouble if it got damaged. Going on first my diary records this as the best gig we ever played. Trapeze were great guys, Uriah Heep obnoxious gits. After the gig, going up Church Streedt, a supposed mate was wearing said top hat when we walked past a gang of skinheads. Obviously the top hat got nicked. Mindful of my father’s wrath I jumped into them, attempting to retrieve it. I slipped, fell on the floor and proceeded to get a good kicking. Said ‘mate’ ran for it and I may well have died had it not been for ‘know wot I mean’ Janet. 5 ft of pure superhero, she dived in and, handbag flaying every shaven head, she saved me and the hat. God bless you Janet. RIP.

    By Gavin King (26/06/2019)

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