The Falcons, Johnny De Little, 15 June 1963

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  • As a member of the original Falcons (formed in 1958) we played the Malvern Winter Gardens a number of times at the famous Saturday Night Dances, alongside the Eric Benson Dance Band and the Dennis Wheeler band.
    Packed audiences in the ballroom, loads of people in the Pump Room and last but not least queues for drinks in the bar.
    The Winter Gardens in Malvern was a unique venue for top artists but also for local talent. The organisation always supported this and the dancegoers, the fans & the followers never let us down. The attendances were invarioubly as high as for the professionals.
    Saw many top artists (hundreds) during this great and unforgettable period. The memories will never be erased …….. Dave Edwards

    By Dave Edwards (11/12/2019)

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