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Round about 1970, I was a teenager at school and living in Worcester and we regularly made the trip over to Malvern to attend the concerts at the Winter Gardens.
Being constantly short of money and preferring to spend what we had on beer and petrol for our various ageing vehicles, we were overjoyed when one of our number discovered that a metal comb inserted through the gap in the emergency exit at the back of the Winter Gardens could be used to push down the crash bar and gain entry to the building.
We then discovered that, among the dusty passageways, was one which led under the stage and there was a small door in one corner which led out into the main spectator area.
Just like wartime prison camp escapees, the first one out acted as a sentry to keep watch for attendants and, when he tapped on the door to let us know the coast was clear, we used to sneak out one after another and merge with the rest of the audience.
It was obviously rather naughty but I did get to see a few more gigs than I could otherwise have afforded to attend. It’s a long time ago now but I do remember seeing Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Argent and Barclay James Harvest that way.

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