Photograph of The Radio Stars at Malvern Winter Gardens, 26 October 1978

Photograph of The Radio Stars at Malvern Winter Gardens
Fee Warner

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  • I primarily went to this gig to ask the former ‘John’s Children’ members about the brief stint Marc Bolan did as part of John’s Children.
    I arrived very early and was able to take photos back stage and from the stage. The band asked if I knew how many tickets had been sold. My reply was “Around 50”, to gasps of shock and the reply “But we played to 2,000 last night!”. I don’t know if that was true. All I could say was “Hawkwind are playing next week, so everyone’s saving their money for them!” That was not the reply they wanted, but then such of lot of ‘us’ were hippy-types who looked on the Punk and New Wave bands with the sort of snobbery our own bands received ten years earlier when they were ‘out there’.

    I was kind to the band in the side-of-stage photo because it failed to show that behind the thin line of audience at the stage, the rest of the concert room was completely uncontaminated by people apart from the odd one of two going to or from the Pump Room Bar.

    Only around five or six weeks after this Radio Stars gig occurred, I booked the Malvern Winter Gardens for my “T.Rex Disco Party”. I wanted to prove to my friends in Malvern, Ledbury, Worcester, Kidderminster etc, that I was not the only ‘Bolan Fan’ alive. I successfully proved to them there were at least 250 fellow fans who traveled from Japan, Germany and other countries, as well as all corners of the UK 🙂

    The bouncers which were required as part of the booking spent a lot of the time clearing people off the stage, because everyone knew that Marc Bolan, along with his fellow formation member Steve Peregrin Took, had played on the stage ten years earlier in 1968 as ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’. Regrettably I was too young for that gig and didn’t know about such matters, being only nine-years-old in 1968!

    By FEE WARNER (14/06/2019)

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